Best Heel Protectors For Grass | Grasswalkers

Okay everyone know that unbalanced walk that happens when you are trying to avoid your heels sinking into the grass. Now these heel protectors for grass are the solution for that issue. They are called Grasswalkers. Grasswalkers are transparent plastic strips. That adhere to the bottom of your favorite heels for walking on the grass. Grasswalkers are 100% transparent strips. They are flexible and unbreakable. That stick to the sole of your shoe. So your heels don’t sink in to the soft ground.

high heel protectors

These heel protectors are sturdy practically invisible and keep your heels out of the ground. Plus they are so simple to use. They fit nicely in your clutch first so they are handy when you need them. All you have to do is Simply peel off the adhesive strips stick them to the bottom of your heel. That’s it now you can relax and enjoy the event. And when the party is over and you just peel them off and throw them away. They fit all sizes of heels from stilettos to chunkier styles.

stiletto heel protectors

Unlike most heel protectors that only fit around your heel. They are barely noticeable and don’t scrape your shoe’s heel. They made the Grasswalkers with your beautiful high heels in mind. Have you ever been to a wedding ceremony on grass? Then you realize that walking with heels in grass has never been so easy!. Also the strips would keep those soles clean and help the shoes stay beautiful. Check this on

Watch the Heel Protectors For Grass in action:


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