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This device traps houseflies instead of killing them. So you can release them back outside. It’s called Electronic Housefly Trap. It uses natural fly food as bait such as overripe fruit. The circular fly trap has a series of bowls around the perimeter of the trap where you can place something that will attract the flies. And the trap will rotate it’s arm, scooping up all of the flies in the bait traps. It’s made from non-toxic material, is super effective at clearing away flies.

The non-toxic house fly trap is completely safe for kids and elderly. It’s powered by an USB cable. Are you to be one of those people that like to catch the flies and release them outside instead of killing them? Then this fly trap is perfect for you. Or you can wait until they dead and throw them away. This house fly tram wont make any noise. So none will notice that there is a fly trap in your house.

It uses minimum energy to operate. The trap doesn’t produce and smell unlike the electric shock fly traps. Not only flies, it can catch other bugs like fruit flies, mosquitoes, and more. It is super easy to clean the device after caching flies. You can use water to clean them. The size of the fly tram is 2.75 inches height and 7.87 inches in diameter. Plugin the device on a power outlet with a help of adapter and they will do the rest.

The work process is very simple. All you have to do is simply place something in to the little bowls that will attract the house flies like sweet syrup. Ten turn the device on, the trap will start rotate towards the corner and scoop the flies in to the hole. There is no chance to escape once the flies are get in to the bottom chamber until you release them.  Check the electronic fly trap on Amazon!

Watch the Electronic Housefly Trap in action down below:

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