Mirror Man Costume | Ultimate Mirror Work Suit

Grab everyone’s attention by make their eyes sparkle with this mirror man costume. These costumes are made of an acrylic mirror with mirrors of different shapes. The mirror pieces are arranged in an uneven way to create an illusion of broken glasses. The company called ‘EtereShop’ create this unique costume. The high quality fabric allows you to breath easily. So you can perform much longer.

Ultimate Mirror Work Suit

They uses high-quality acrylic mirror from Italy for less weight and durability. The improved folding points allows you to walk and run comfortably. These mirrors have highly reflection abilities. So it reflects stage lighting equipment, laser projectors, or even sunlight. This costume doesn’t require any maintenance and work for a long time. The mirrors comes with the rounded edges. So it wont cut yourself or other people.

Glass Man Costume Suit

The fully removable lining allows you to wash the cloth in a washing machine. Mirror suit costumes are ergonomic, safe, easy in use and repair. Multiple versions of this costumes are available for both men and women. Even more the supplex and canvas materials are breathable and flexible. That gives freedom for any movements like walking, running and even dancing. Finally this costume is perfect for any daytime events and nighttime events with laser light shows. Check this on Etsy.com

Watch the Mirror Man Costume in action:

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