Best Portable Cordless Power Scrubber For Home

This handheld power scrubber can ultimately cut through any stain from your home and kitchen. So you never have to scrub again. It’s called the ‘Dremel Versa Power cleaner’. This cordless cleaning tool comes with attachments for every kind of surfaces. It also works perfectly on both wet and dry surfaces. The battery operated device have an USB port to get charged. Don’t judge by it’s size, this powerful speed cleaner spins at 1,900 RPM.

Portable Cordless Power Scrubber:

Portable Cordless Power Scrubber

The waterproof and ergonomic design of the Dremel Versa power scrubber fits perfectly in to the palm of your hands. So you can apply hard scrub on anything or in any surface with very minimum physical work from you. This tool is perfect for cleaning hard surfaces like sinks, stove tops, oven windows, microwaves, bathtub, shower grout, tile, car wheels, shoes, golf clubs and grills.

Dremel Versa Power Scrubber

With this power tool you can easily clean grime, mold, soap scum, lime build up, rust on hard to reach areas in your home. It’s very easy to operate and control, and you can turn it on and off with the push of a button. It comes with the multiple different types of scrubbers for different surfaces. And also have two types of brushes for both indoor and outdoor usage. The driller mechanism gives more power and productivity.

Dremel Cordless Power Cleaner

The Dremel power cleaner’s rechargeable battery will gets fully charged in less then 2 hours. And can lasts up to 15 to 60 minutes depends on the usage. Instead of  simply swiping a wet paper towel on your oven, microwave, or bathroom. You can use this powerful strong scrubbing tool keep you kitchen fresh and good looking. Finally, this power scrubber will do a hard scrubbing for you. Check the Dremel Versa Power Cleaning Tool on!

Watch the Portable Cordless Power Scrubber in action:

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