Remote Controlled Flying Santa | Santa Claus Flying With His Reindeer

Are you ready for Christmas? But this remote controlled flying Santa and his reindeer always ready to make your kids happy. Now we can avoid our kids getting disappointed while they searching for Santa on the sky. This flying Santa and the red-nosed reindeer (Rudolph) will be the every kids dream comes true. Even every one on the planet (including me) searching for Santa on the sky in some point on our childhood life.

santa on his sleigh

This innovative holiday invention was created by ‘Otto Dieffenbach’. He also created the flying witch. Otto spends over three months to complete the flying Santa’s sleigh. This flying object is upto 12 feet long. So kids can clearly notice the Santa even he flies faraway. The remote controlled flying Santa made from the foam and carbon fiber materials. So they are light weight and more stronger to survive the crash landing.

flying santa sleigh

It comes with the bladed propellers  that produces push to move the Santa’s sleigh forward. The internal skeleton made out of compressed wood to give solid structure.  An electromechanical gadget have settled in the rear of the sleigh. That believers the electrical signs from the transmitter and go through the recipient. The flying Santa’s sleigh uses a blast-off method to takeoff. That’s similar to launching a rocket.

christmas village flying santa

The creator Otto Dieffenbach got his pilot’s permit at 16 years old. That means you must need a good flying skills to operate. Watching the Santa flying across the moon and delivering gifts are just a dream for every kids. But now, they wont believe their eyes while the Santa and his red-nosed reindeer flying around their streets. Finally our childhood Christmas wishes are fulfilled. Check their website for more details.

Watch the Remote Controlled Flying Santa in action:

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