Best Rodless Mini Pocket Fishing Reel For All Fishing Spots

Now you can go fish on any fishing spots without carrying a massive fishing rod. This mini pocket fishing reel doesn’t have a fishing pole. The portable fishing gear is perfect for fishing on the go. It perfectly fits on your pocket, bag or purse. So you can carry around the practically functional fishing rod wherever you go. It’s called the ‘The Rodless Reel’. Particularly designed for people who always love to fish while traveling.

Pocket Fishing Reel:

The Rodless Reel A Pocket Fishing Reel

This portable rodless fishing gear comes with 3:1 gear ratio. So it performs like an ordinary traditional fishing reels with fishing pole. And it also can catch bigger fishes like catfish, salmon fish and even ocean fishes. This fishing equipment makes fly fishing is more enjoyable and You can go fish wherever you wan’t without carrying massive fishing supplies. All of it’s mechanical parts are made from the stainless steel material.

 Rodless Mini Pocket Fishing Reel

And the spool and the are made from polypropylene. The unique and the innovative design of this pocket fishing reel allows both right and left handed anglers to easily spool the line. So, if you want to relax your mind and hate to carry massive luggage of fishing components. Then ‘The Rodless Reel’ must be your best option. It comes in three different colors to choose from: Ocean Blue, Spring Green & Flamingo Pink.

Pocket Fishing Reel

Anyone can easily operate this pocket fishing reel. All you have to do is, simply grab the reel with the hand , place middle finger in bottom hole. And spin the lure until momentum is built up in it and release it. Then simply reel in it to grab an attention of the fish. Check the The Rodless Reel on!

Watch the Pocket Fishing Reel For All Fishing Spots in action down below:

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