School Door Barricade Device | Barricade Box

This school door barricade device is a fast way to barricade your door. This device is known as ‘Barricade Box’. Just pull, warp and secure the cord around the door handle. The entire process takes less than seven seconds to apply. The 4.5-feet of flexible cord is cut resistant and burn proof and can hold over 2,000 LB of tension. This easy accessible device allows students of all ages to keep their classroom secure during lock-down situation.

Barricade Box

The ‘Barricade Box’ was invented by sergeant Crisco Kopp who spent over 20 years in marine corps and through multiple law enforcement agencies. This school door barricade device is a very simple, fast and secure solution to barricade yourself. It could work on nearly any door with the handle that swings inward or outward. This classroom door barricade devices is simple to install and easy to apply.

classroom door barricade devices

In less then seven minutes the Barricade Box can be installed in any wood steal or masonry door frame. And can be applied by any child in less then seven seconds. All you have to do is, simply remove the cover and pull the cord, warp around the handle and secure into the Barricade Box. You can use this device at many places like schools, offices, churches, or even safe rooms with inside your own home.

emergency door lock for schools

The Barricade Box uses uses the Kevlar cord with over 2,000 pounds of tensile strength. Also it have burn proof and cut resistant capabilities. This temporary and fastest door barricade device will protect schools from violent intruders and active shooters while lock-down. Check the Barricade Box here!

Watch the School Door Barricade in action down below:

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