Mopet Pet Scooter: An electric scooter with a cage-like dog carrier

Now you can take your dog for a ride with this Mopet pet-friendly scooter. It’s an electric scooter that has a built-in cage-like dog carrier. As a result, no-more risky travel with your pet basket. The Mopetpet bike was designed and invented by Rest Logic Co., Ltd and manufactured by the Japan-based firm YIDI Technology.

However, the dog cage measures 45 x 33 x 21 cm. That is to say, this moped dog carrier is suitable for small dog breeds such as pug, chihuahua, pomeranian, french bulldog, beagle, poodle, and more. Also, some medium-size dog breeds can fit too. This bike is ideal for taking a peaceful walk in the park with some senior dogs and dogs with injuries.

Moreover, there is a door with a lock on the cage for extra safety. The cage can also be used as a luggage carrier when you are not with your dog. When not in use, simply fold the Mopet pet scooter to fit into your trunk. Further, the scooter with a dog carrier measures approximately 28kg which is way lighter than nowadays electric scooters.

Scooter with a dog carrier


For added safety, there is an anti-theft device that makes a loud noise when it detects motion or vibrations. When come to the technical aspects, the Mopet features a 400W / 48V motor that is powerful enough to climb 29 degrees with a maximum load of 140kg (308 lbs).


Furthermore, the motor has a top speed of 37 km/h. Moreover, the vehicle gets the power from a lithium-ion battery that is available in three different capacity options including 10A, 15A, and 20A. Each battery capacity has its own mileage distance.


At the maximum, the battery will last up to 60km on a single charge. To make the rice easy, the scooter with a dog carrier also features LED headlights & tail lights, indicators, speedometers, and a liquid crystal display.

Source: Mopetebike

Watch the scooter with the dog carrier in action

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