Secret Keepsake Cup | This Magic Cup Hides Your Stuff

This milky cup hides your stuff. Secret Keepsake Cup is a magic container that makes things disappear. Just flip it over and your belongings are obscured by liquid. It’ made possible by the dual wall. That make the liquid surround the container and make an optical illusion. This secret cup was crated by designer Marc Venot. And is soled by Lexon. Keeping secrets can be more fun! Check out more secret hiding things Here!

The secret keepsake container comes with a cover that keeps your things inside the glass when your turn upside-down. It perfect hides cash, coins, keys, candy, or notes. The little slot on the top that allows you to insert coins and papers. So you can use it as a secret piggy bank. It made from the Strong and durable PMMA material. They are available in multiple colors. The choice is up to yours.

The size of the box is 4.9″ inches tall and  3.5 inches diameter. So it can hold lot more important things. This cup have the two layered wall. The magical kind of liquid take place in between the outer and inner wall. So it will covers the cup completely when you turn upside down. However, just takes up a little bit of the base of the glass when right-side-up. This secret keepsake container, that in a split second conceals your stuff from see by tipping it over.


There’s a lot of one of a kind approaches to hide your things from plain-view, including inside a Secret Vent Stash Safe, inside a Secret Stash Flip Flops, or even a Secret Brush Flask. Be that as it may, none are very as enjoyable to use as this mystery remembrance container. Now you can save money on your secret money bank and none will know that there is money in the box!. Check it out!

Watch the video down below:

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