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Now you can turn your old refrigerator into a smart one by using this smart fridge camera. The Fridge Eye can help you to reduce food waste in your fridge and also save your wallet from grocery bills. Fridge Eye can easily works with almost any kind of standard refrigerator. All you have to do is, simply attach the device right inside your fridge by using the double-side tape. Then use the smartphone app to get the real time view of the inside of your refrigerator. So that allows you to know what’s in your fridge no-mater where you are.

Get Full View Of Your Fridge With Smart Fridge Camera:

Get Full View Of Your Fridge With Smart Fridge Camera

This innovative kitchen gadget help you to recall the items on your fridge via your smartphone. So it extremely helps you to avoid purchasing the same item. And there is mo-more shopping lists and forgotten products. The Fridge Eye works with your home wi-fi and take a picture each time someone closes your fridge door. Not only for refrigerator, you can also use this device on your pantry or cabinet. The smartphone app allows you to create your custom grocery list and share with your family members.

Coolest Refrigerator Camera

It’s complete water resistant design made from the food safe plastic material. Fridge Eye gets the power form the 2AA rechargeable battery. So this device can works perfectly more then 4 to 8 weeks with the single charge. It’s wide angle camera provides 120 degree view of your fridge. So no-more¬† leaving the grocery store without buying an egg. Finally, this device helps you to take your grocery shopping the next level. Check the Fridge Eye on!

Fridge Eye

Watch the Coolest Refrigerator Camera in action down below:

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