Folding Step Stool That Pulls Out From a Cabinet

This folding step stool pulls out from a cabinet. Is your kids struggle to reach items in the upper-cabinets? Then the Step 180 will help your kids to access the heard-to-reach areas. This unique cabinet stool is created by the company called Hideaway Solutions. The Step 180 provides an extra 15 inches of height. Rhode Island based inventor Lancelot Pinnock create this Folding step stool for his son who could not reach the sink.

Folding Step Stool

The steps collapse into a cabinet 1.5 inches wide, and it can be fold on both sides. It also have a railing and child lock. So you can prevent children from eating cookies without your permission. The folding and unfolding process takes only few seconds. It is faster than setting up a normal step stool. And the one hand operated system is easy to use. It allowing you to access 6 ft of upper-shelf space or cabinet.

Step 180 Cabinet Step Stool

The stairs on the base comes with the 5 different depth-stop positions belongs your needs. The spring assist makes folding and unfolding super easy with less force. The magnetic latch keeps the table in position while not in use. This cabinet folding step stool can hold up to 200 lb of user weight. They are made from the 19-ply hardwood plywood with finished maple veneer. The Non-marking soft rubber feet gives strong grip without damaging your floor. Check the STEP 180 here!

Watch the Cabinet Folding Step Stool in action:

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