Step In Sock | Hands Free Shoe Covers

This ‘Step In Sock’ hands free shoe covers are the better alternative to disposable plastic shoe covers. Just stem in, and your shoes and floor are protected. The unique, durability and Eco-friendly design was created by Joel Fersaci. Now tracking in dirt and mud from outside is a thing of the past. They are completely reusable and they wont require any heavy machine to wear this. Simply step on it and walk around the floor without making any mess.

Step In Sock shoe cover

This tool automatically warp around the bottom of your shoe after you step on it. So those waterproof shoe covers allows you to enter your house without spoil the beautiful floor with your muddy and dirty shoes. These shoe covers are perfect for gardening lovers, home workers, and who love to maintain their lawn garden by their own. Unlike other plastic shoe covers, you can use the Step In Sock multiple times.

Hands Free Shoe Covers

It’s Eco-friendly design and materials safe for your environment. And this is the time to replace the harmful use-and-through plastic shoe covers and keep your environment plastic free. This hands free shoe cover is easy to wear and remove. All you have to do is, simply place the Step In Sock on clean and flat ground. And step on the middle on the device, So it will warp the bottom of your shoe perfectly. It won’t allow the dirt and mud fall off your shoe.

reusable shoe covers

Then simply peel it off from your shoe to remove. This reusable shoe cover must be the perfect gift for gardening lovers who always care about their living room’s floor. Finally there is a easy and safe solution for your dirty and muddy shoes. Check the Step In Sock here!

Watch the hands free shoe covers in action:

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