Automatic Tire Chains | RUD Rotogrip

Rotogrip is an automatic tire chain system that works with a flip of a switch. It’s perfectly works on low speed, forward and backward. The system uses the rotation of the wheels to spin and deploy the chain under the tire. This automatic snow chain will increases traction by 45%. The universal and easy install mounting system allows you to easily fit the device on your vehicle. Now there is no longer a need for the driver to get out in dangerous roadside situation to mount manual chains.

Rotogrip RUD

Rotogrip is the ideal choice for hazardous winter conditions. You can activate the Rotorgrip from inside of your vehicle while moving. It also works at very low speeds. A chain mat driven by the tire instantly spreads out under the wheel. So you can continue your journey without interruption. This automatic tire chains are perfect for long distance haulage, transport of hazardous goods, fire brigades, and snow clearing vehicles.

Automatic Snow Chains, Traction Device

This tire chain system is easy to operate and a major step towards fully automatic snow chain. And you can get maximum grip even when reversing. While braking there are always enough chain links providing grip. It’s easy to fit and the adapter system is suitable for all vehicles. This automatic tire chains must be the ideal answer for safety and mobility in snow and ice. Finally no more time loss due to bad weather. Check the Rotogrip here!

Watch the Automatic Tire Chains in action down below:

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