Qoobo | Robotic Cat Pillow Wags Its Tail When You Cuddle With it

Would you cuddle with this fake robot cat? The Qooboo fake robotic cat pillow that wags its tail when you cuddle with it. ‘Qoobo’ is a soft responsive pillow with a tail. This robotic cat pillow was created to be a plush therapy device with a series of tail wags and vibrations that respond to the user’s touch. So this fake robot pet pillow ultimately helps you to calm your nerves and stress. Do you like a cat, but doesn’t have time or proper place to take care of them. Then this robotic cat pillow is perfect for you.

Robotic Cat Pillow:

qooboo Robotic Cat Pillow

Tail is the simple and powerful communication tool for every pets. So Qoobo create this therapeutic robot in the form of a cushion with a tail. It gently wiggles when stroked. And it swings it’s tail from side to side when caressed. And also it occasionally wags just to say hello. This awesome therapeutic communication will warms your heart and reduce your stress the way animals do. That tail therapy also heals your heart when you feel alone.

qooboo This robotic pet pillow helps calm your nerves

The Qoobo fake robotic cat was created by the Tokyo based company called ‘Yukai Engineering’. They made this robotic cat pillow for pet lovers who has pet allergies and apartment dwellers who can’t own pets. So, now enjoy the comfort and the happiness that only pets can give them. This must be the perfect gift idea pet lovers who also like weird gadgets and odd stuffs. It’s simple design allows you to carry around with you.

qooboo qoobo cat pillow

Qoobo the weird robotic cat uses an internal accelerometer to detects someone cuddling or petting the robot cat. The battery operated system can last up to 8 hours. And that allows you to easily recharge the battery using a USB port. It’s available in two different colors like husky grey, and french brown. And the fabric feels like a real animal’s furry skin. Finally, this robotic cat will warm your heart by it’s waging tail. Check the Qoobo robotic fake cat on Amazon.com!

Watch the Qoobo Robotic Cat Pillow in action:

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