Extreme Robot Vacuum And Mop | Narwal Self Cleaning Robot

This self cleaning robot vacuum and mop combo does all the hard cleaning work for you. This extremely intelligent and automatic floor mop is called ‘Narwal’. Unlike other robotic cleaners, it even clean itself too. So the process is completely automatic and it doesn’t require any human interaction. Narwal has a uniquely designed triangular shaped mop which covers more cleaning surface and clean floors more efficiently. You can use the smartphone for both iOS and android to schedule the cleaning process or create no-go zones.

Extreme Robot Vacuum And Mop:

Robot Vacuum And Mop

Narwal robot take care of vacuuming up pretty much anything off your floors. It’s rounded triangular mop that press down on the floor and rotate to completely clean away those stubborn stains. Unlike other robot cleaners, you don’t have to clean the Narwal once it cleans the floor. This robot automatically return to it’s base station to clean, wash and dry itself multiple times during mopping. It will create a home layout map with the help of lidar technology which is used on the driver-less cars.

Narwal Self Cleaning Robot

You can even customize it’s cleaning strategy for different rooms and floors. Surprisingly the Narwal robot cleaner is ultra quiet. And when the mopping is done, the robot keeps the mop dry and clean with it’s ventilation system. Unlike other cleaning robots, it doesn’t require remapping every time you use them. It also allows you to choose which room to clean, which order, how many times to clean, the type of the floor, and it automatically creates cleaning reports for you after it’s done cleaning. Finally, this robotic cleaner does all the cleaning work for you with it’s sweeping, vacuuming and mopping abilities. Check the Narwal robot cleaner on Indiegogo.com!     

Watch the mopping robot in action down below:

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