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Do you love volleyball and having basketball court in your backyard?. Then here is a better way to use your basketball hoop to practice volleyball spike. This is a volleyball spike trainer is called SpikeMate. This volleyball attack training equipment attaches to your driveway hoop. It have a capability to stores five balls for continuous spikes. It also comes with a practice net. So the spikes are directed into a net while you practice.

SpikeMate is a portable, lightweight device that attaches to a basketball rim. You can adjust the basketball goal to the preferred height and start your attack practice. This volleyball spike trainer allows you to improve different types of volleyball technique like timing, inner core building, footwork, velocity, power hitting, depth, angles, serving, passing and setting. The SpikeMate is extremely easy to install and doesn’t require any tools.

All you have to do is, simply unfold the basket and arms then connect to the rim with a hand screw. The unique fordable and lightweight design allows you to carry the training equipment anywhere. Not only hitters, this training kit will also helpful for setters, liberos and defensive specialists. You can able rotate the SpikeMate on the basketball rim for any position. Finally, here is a perfect device for the volleyball lover in your family. Check the SpikeMate volleyball Training Device on Amazon.com!

Watch the Volleyball Spike Trainer in action down below:

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