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OPUS Camper

This portable trailer camper comes with a built-in tent. The inflatable folding camper is called ‘Air Opus Camper’. It only takes 90 seconds to inflate the massive tent. All you have to do is, simply open up the dual fold lid and then turn on the switch for the on-board air pump. Then the heavy duty internal air supports replaces the traditional tent poles. Inside of this luxury camper you will have massive double beds, lounge area for relaxation and a projector screen to get some entertainment on your camping spot.

Inflatable Folding Camper:

The lounge even transform into a third bed. The Air-Opus camping trailer also features a stove, fridge, dinette table, small sink, portable toilet, and comfortable sleeping space up to 6 adults. Once it fully setup, the caper tent provides 121 square feet of living space inside of it, and have 8 feet high ceiling. So that is comfortable enough for you and your family to enjoy the camping night. Not only luxurious, this camper is also perfect for off-road adventures. It features independent trailing arm suspension with twin shock absorbers and peeks of ground clearance.

It also very easy to deflate the camper tent and it looks completely flat after flat down. So you can carry an extra luggage on the top suck as kayaks, skis, bikes ans canoes. You can easily attach and tow the Air-Opus with any standard car, SUV or truck. This self-inflating camper have only 1,550 lb towing weight and features storage drawers for coolers, built-in pullout stove and the master control panel where you can track the battery level and water level. The tanks can holds up to 20 gallons of water. It’s rechargeable batteries provides up to 4 days off sit power. Finally, these inflatable trailer campers makes your camping trips even more greater and easier. Check the Air Opus Camper on!

Watch the inflatable trailer Camper in action:

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