Ladder Lockdown | The Ladder Feet Safety Device

This plate keeps your ladder feet stable. This Ladder Safety Device is called ‘Ladder Lockdown’. It’s designed for use on multiple surfaces. It was invented by Troy Kumprey after one of his employees fell of a ladder. The grips lets it stay on the ground, So you have no chance of falling. All you have to do is simply place it on the ground, strap it up, and pull it tight. Now you can use your ladder at high heights while feeling perfectly secure.

Ladder Feet Safety Device:

Ladder Lockdown is designed specifically to reduce ladder movement and prevent ladder kick out. It’s easy to use and can be set up in under 30 seconds. It works great on concrete, wood tile, marble, grass, dirt and vinyl decking. Ladder Lockdown is not just for professionals it’s also for homeowners and families. You can safely use the ladder to switch off the batteries in your fire alarm, change light bulbs and put up holiday lights.

You can install this with these three simple steps. All you have to do is place your ladder lock down on the ground within the appropriate ladder safety zone. Then place you ladder in a saddle ensuring that the legs are sitting flush to the front edge of the tray. After that clip one end of the strap to the tray. Run it over the the third rung and bring it down the back side clip the other end and pull until the straps are snug in the place.

It works great on all kind of surfaces. You can use Ladder Lockdown safely on indoor surfaces like, hardwood flooring and tile. It can also be used outdoors on grass or on your deck. That will always give you a stable base and prevent slipping. To be safe you should use this any time you are using a ladder. Because fall from a ladder could lead permanent injury.  Check the ladder safety tool on!

Watch the Ladder Lockdown in action on the video down below:

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