It’s a Modern Electric Bike With a Classic Look

FLX Bike

None will believe if you tell them ‘The Babymaker’ is an electric bike. This stealth road bike is a combination of classic look and modern e-bike technology. Instead of the bulky batteries and ugly look which is common in e-bikes, they have secretly placed the battery and cables inside the frame. So, the bike keeps the vintage look which turns heads everywhere.

This sleek-looking e-bike was designed by San Diego based company FLX bike who also launched a successful $2 million campaign on Indiegogo in 2016. The Babymaker features a single-speed drive system, bullhorn or drop-handlebars, aircraft-grade aluminum frame, HUB motor, smart LED display and a 36V 7AH battery.

Classic Look Outside – Modern eBike Tech Inside

The battery takes two hours to get fully charged. Moreover, it will provide almost 15-50 miles of range with pedal assist. But the range may vary depends upon some factors like rider weight, terrain, inclines and pedal assist level. Due to the minimalistic design of the bike, it weighs only 32lbs. The HUB motor and belt drive securely placed on the rear wheel. And, nobody will notice there is a motor.

Surprisingly, the bike can easily handle 270lbs of weight even getting uphills. However, this classic electric bike comes in two different models such as the Babymaker Standard and Babymaker PRO. The standard version has C brakes and fixed gear chain drive system. But the PRO version equipped with carbon gates belt drive system, Magura hydraulic disk brakes and slip-proof cranks.

Above all, the backlit LED display on the handlebar allows you to check battery life, pedal assists level, total distance traveled and current speed. Meanwhile, there are six different colors of babymakers available to choose including kiwi, tangerine, berry, blue raspberry, sterling and matte black. It’s currently on Indiegogo with the base pledge of US$999. Check the babymaker on!

Watch The Classic Electric Bike In Action

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