Snoek Is The Fastest Velomobile That Reaches Maximum Speed With Little Effort!

Velomobiles are uniquely designed human-powered vehicles that allow the riders to reach maximum speed while protecting them from a collision, weather, and elements. ‘Snoek’ is the newly designed velomobile from the Netherlands based company called ‘’. Moreover, it was founded by the cycling enthusiasts Theo van Andel, Allert Jacobs, and Eva Jacobs.

They have been working together to create the world’s fastest velomobile. As a result, the working prototype of the Snoek was born in the summer of 2020. However, the main purpose of this vehicle is racing. So they have designed the Snoek with a 20% smaller frontal area when compared to their previous model QuestXS.

The snoek measures 2,575 mm in length, 675 mm in width, and 790 mm in height. Surprisingly, it weighs as low as 20 kg which is way lighter than their previous models. It has a carbon-fiber body and its aerodynamic design helps to reach the maximum speed of 60 km/h.

In addition, it is suitable for riders up to 155cm and the approximate maximum height is 178 cm. It also features 20-inch front wheels, 28-inch rear wheels, and single-sided drum brakes. They have also created the race hood for the Snoek that features an air outlet and side windows that are adjustable from inside.

The race hood is entirely removable and acts as a hardtop with the complete enclosure. According to, they are taking preorders on Snoek. And it is completely made by hand. In other words, it takes almost 6 months to complete the single velomobile. If you are interested, you can get more details about the snoek on


Watch the Snoek in action

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