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Are you an environmentalist and looking for an ultimate change on your sustainable living? Then this is for you. Meet the ‘HomeBiogas’, a compact biogas plant for home. It’s unique system can turn your organic food waste in to a pure cooking gas. And helps you to extremely reduce the consumption of electric cooking fuel and LPG which can harm our environment. This portable device can produce up to 2 hours of cooking gas with 1.5 gallons of food waste or 5 gallons of animal manure. It doesn’t require any power to generate the gas.

Compact Biogas Plant For Home:

Compact Biogas Plant For Home

It let the natural bacteria from the food waste to break-down the them and releases the biogas. So you will get endless amount of cooking gas from this device. The ‘HomeBiogas’ also produce the natural liquid fertilizer for your backyard garden. The fertilizer will contains lots of useful materials such as nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and other micro-nutrients. It’s very compact and easy to install, and you can install this by your own without the help of a professional handyman. All you have to do is, install the HomeBiogas 20 meters from the stove.


And feed the food waster into the system’s inlet. It allows you to use 12 litters of food wastes per day. Then leave the rest to the bacteria. They can digest the waster and produce the cooking gas. The gas on the system can able to hold up to 700 litters of biogas. This home biogas device is perfect for environmentalist, permaculturists, homesteaders, off-gridders and everyone who wants to fight against climate change. Finally, here is a perfect solution to produce renewable energy while reducing our carbon footprint. Check the Home Biogas system on!

Watch the HomeBiogas in action down below:

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