CanLoft | Magnetic Can Hangers Save Space In Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

CanLoft is designed to solve the space saving problems in your kitchen pantry cabinet. If you want to organize your pantry and use the unused areas, then the CanLoft magnetic can hangers are perfect for you. The magnets will hold the cans and bottles on the top of the pantry or fridge’s tray. There are two versions are available. One for the wire shelving like fridge. You have to simply clips into the place to install. Another one for solid racks that screws into place.

Magnetic Canned Food Hangers

The solid racks version uses a single screw to mount the magnet on the bottom of the pantry ceiling. Many pantry shelves are comes with 12-16 inches apart. But mostly the canned foods are comes in 4-5 inches tall. So that will leaves most unused space on your kitchen pantry cabinet. CanLoft allows you to hang the metal cans on the top, and lets you use the space under them with more kitchen items.

Magnetic Can Hangers Save Space

The CanLoft magnets are made from the Neodymium Iron Boron magnets. Each CanLoft comes with four magnetic buttons on them. They working perfectly on steel and tin cans. But not attracts the aluminum. Now organizing and finding things in your pantry is easier then ever before. These magnets are strong and permanent, So Canlofts will never lose their strength forever.


They are available in a 6, 12, or 18 pack. The CanLoft was invented by a design engineer Brian, who also created the Bottle Loft. The Bottle Loft was the perfect solution for organizing your refrigerator with bottles. The CanLoft will helps you to organize the pantry by hanging spray cans, small metal lid jars, keys, and canned foods. Check the CanLoft on kickstarter!

Watch the CanLoft Magnetic Can Hangers in action:

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