Coddies Fish Flops | Realistic Fish Sandals

These fish sandals are a summer essential. It’s called Coddies fish flops. This realistic fish sandals are the perfect gift idea for fishing lovers. They are made from the soft and flexible material. With an anti slip sole to keep you “hooked” to the ground. It is suitable for the beach, fishing, camping, festivals or really anywhere.  You will definitely “catch” people’s eyes wearing this.

Coddies, are ultra realistic fish flip tumbles that influence it to seem as though you have real fish on your feet. They made from the EVA material. The strong and light weight design is ultra comfortable to wear. It prevents you from slipping around like a wet fish. Coddies have non-slip and high-thickness soles. That make them more comfortable. This make Coddies super flexible and prevents your feet from any foot pain.

Coddies is tied in with having a fabulous time, being upbeat, extraordinary, remarkable and standing out from the group. They comes in two different types, first one is genuine flip flop where the whole fish is under your feet. Another is stick your foot through the gills of the fish and it’s a sort of shoe. You can wear your realistic fish sandals inside and outside whether that be downtown, shoreline, angling, swimming, showering, celebrations and numerous different goals.

They are non-poisonous, wear safe, waterproof, simple to clean, non-slip and shockproof. Just place your feet in to the gills and have a whale of a time. That won’t make your feet smell fishy! It suitable for any terrain. They are super comfortable and grippy to protect you from slipping around. Be the life ans sole of the party by wearing this Coddies Fish Flops.  There are green and goldfish colors available. So choice is up to yours. It fits for most human feet with different sizes.  Check it out!

Watch the video down below:

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