Custom Plush Slippers That Look Like Your Dog Or Cat

Do you love pets and also love house slippers? Then, now you can get a pair of house slippers made to exactly like your pet. The company called Cuddle Clone have been create this custom plush slippers that look just like your dog or cat. So you can always have your pets under your foot even they are not with you. They are 100% hand made and 100% unique. This must be the perfect gift for the pet lover in your family.

Custom Plush Slippers

All you have to do is, simply submit a few pictures of your pet, choose your slipper size and pick an eye color of your pet. Then their expert designers will capture every detail of your pet to make costume cuddle clone slippers. They also provide an additional notes box, so it allows you to hand write in any specific notes. For example, you could ask them to create one slipper of your dog and another one of your cat.

Slippers That Look Just Like Your Dog Or Cat

The cuddle clone slippers ultimately looks exactly like your pet. Sometimes your pets can have confused that some new friends have arrived. They are made from the high quality fabric and plush materials. Unlike ordinary stuffed animals this clones of your pets will keep your soul happy ever. Check the slippers on!

Watch the Custom Plush Slippers in action down below:

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