DIY Tiny House & Log Cabin Kits | Only Takes 2 Days to Build

Nowadays tiny houses are extremely popular because of their minimalist living capabilities. These DIY log cabin kits allows you to build your very own tiny house property within 2 days. Everyone knows that tiny homes are our future trend. So the company called ‘Allwood’ makes it very easy to buy those tiny homes and they are very simple to build. Surprisingly, some of their log cabins can be built within 2 days with only two workers. Not only as a cabin, you can use these tiny houses as an office space, a guest house, a retail space, and even more.

DIY Tiny House & Log Cabin Kits:

 2-Story DIY Cabin Kits

The giant structure of this 1108 square feet cabin kit requires a team of experts to build. Or if you think that you are the best handyman then you can build buy your own with some friendly helpers. This tiny house model is called the ‘Allwood Eagle Point’. It’s floor area has 1108 square feet of space with 712 Sqf downstairs and 396 Sqf upstairs. Those little houses are available in many different styles and sizes. The smallest sized house called ‘Lillevilla’ have only 300 square feet of space. But the larger model called the ‘Eagle Vista’ impressively have 1308 square feet of floor space.

Build Your Own Cabin Kit

The DIY log cabin prefab kit have a dual T&G pattern walls with 2-3/4 inch thickness. So it can withstand the wind load up to 120 mph. And the roof can holds up to 46 lbs for snow load per square foot. The whole package of the tiny house kit comes with almost everything you need to build. It includes all of the nails, screws, fixings, handles, door locks, floor and roof boards, glazed doors, windows and pre-assembled gables. Every wooden parts are made from the durable slow grown Nordic Spruce. Check the Allwood Eagle Point mini home kit on!

Watch the DIY Tiny House in action down below:

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