Why Hidden Drawers In Stairs Are The Secret Storage Solutions

Feeling better is the result of being efficient. Now you can keep your belongings into the hidden drawers in stairs. These under stairs storage contain hidden drawers. This stair drawers are called instep drawers. Created by Stairpro Staircases. That Brisbane, Australia based company is specialized in stair installation and staircase design ideas. This unique stair storage made of solid timber and uses the existing riser-board as the drawer front.

under stairs drawers

Are you worrying about storing your most important papers and keys?. Your belongings will keep your sweet memories and information to the story about you. You have to respect them by giving them unique storage space in your home. Therefore the Stairpro Staircases have comes with an creative solution that makes extra space under the staircase into useful drawers.

under stairs storage solutions

This storage drawers are completely personal. Everyone in our home have passions, hobbies, and everyday activities. instead of keeping our passionate things in messy and clutter we always want to keep them clean and enjoyable way. Perfect organization of your home makes it more beautiful. 

under stairs storage ideas

These drawers have more deep and plenty of storage space to shoes, desk accessories, table games, family unit instruments, books and devices. The handles of the drawer is strong and durable. The perfect design of the handles can easily hide under your stairs. Finally it’s a step above the rest! Check it out!

Watch the Hidden Drawers In Stairs in action down below:

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