Easy Emergency Door Lock For Classrooms | Nightlock Lockdown 2

This Easy to install emergency door lock is particularly designed for classrooms. It’s known as the ‘Nightlock Lockdown 2’. This unique door barricade system to securely lock outward swinging doors from the inside. It is very easy to install an use. All you have to do is simply Attach the metal plate securely to the door with the help of two bolts. That’s it, now the door barricade system is ready to use. And it will works perfectly with any kind of outward swinging door with hallow metal door frames.

Easy Emergency Door Lock For Classrooms:

Emergency Door Lock

So anyone can easily secure the door in seconds, from inside the classroom. The lock handle (release tool) is stored in a wall box for quick assess in emergency situation. Creator of this door lock called “Nightlock”. This company also create different shaped door locks for different types of doors. The Nightlock Lockdown 2 is comes in various length to accommodate almost any commercial hallow metal door frame.

Emergency Door Lock For Classrooms

They also provide the size chart. So you can easily measure you door’s frame size and get a perfect lock handle. Unlike other door barricades, it doesn’t require any floor mounting. So you can install the lock system in few minutes. The whole package comes with a instruction manuals, wall-mount storage box, red locking handle, architect bolts and stop spacer. It’s locking handle made from the solid and extruded 6000 series structural aluminum. So it can easily withstand the attack for the outside of the door. Check the Nightlock Lockdown 2 here!

Nightlock Lockdown 2

Watch the Emergency Door Lock For Classrooms in action down below:

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