Top 5 Lifesize Halloween Animated Witch Prop

Halloween season is getting closer. We have created a list of top 5 lifesize Halloween animated witch prop. whether you’re transforming your home into a spooky house, or just needing to give the nearby trick-or-treaters the willies. These life-size animated withes are perfect to scare anyone who dares to come your home for the Halloween party. Check out the list of animated witch props given below!

  1. Top 5 Lifesize Halloween Animated Witch Prop:

1. life-size spell casting witch animated figure:

Life-size Animated Spell Casting Witch Figure

The Animated Spell Casting Witch moves randomly and really casts a spell on you. An infrared sensor allows the figure moves in sideways. And the lip-movement is perfectly sync with the audio. This prop will hypnotized everyone in the party while she moves side-to side and. This life-size prop is 6 feet in height. you can control the volume. Check out this spell casting witch on!

2. Storytelling Witch Animated Figure:

Storytelling Witch Animated Figure

This animated storytelling witch is ready to tell a story. The Halloween witch figure that able to sit and discuss spooky truisms. It can also savagely hurled recipe, or talk about a heart-puncturing lyric.The sound and motion activated prompts witch to start talking 3 different phrases. It’s perfect for indoor uses. Check out the stroytelling witch prop on!

3. Swamp hag rising animated prop:

Swamp Hag Animated Figure

Change your humble home into a frightfully spooky walk with the swamp hag animated witch figure. It comes with the movable mouth, lighted eyes, speaking abilities. It can raises from 40″ tall to 60″. This will make everyone scream. The cord is 70″ long, so you can place the witch where ever you want and also far from the power outlet. Check out this rising animated witch on!

4. Animated Brewing Witch Trio:

Animated Brewing Witch Trio:

The Animated Brewing Witch Trio sitting on your yard to give entertaining Halloween sights and sounds. These three witches greets the trick-or-treaters with some very scary sayings. The these creepy crones are almost 5 feet tall. Just set switch to “on” and a continual playing loop of three scary sayings will start scaring everyone. Check out the brewing witch trio on!

5. Animated Tapping Witch:

Animated Tapping Witch

This Three-dimensional Halloween witch prop can hangs and taps on any type of window.  It uses a suction cup to fit into your window, so you can use it on indoors and outdoors. The motion activated prop tap your window three times on every 10 seconds. It made with the realistic three-dimensional vinyl material and the hat made with the fabric. Check out tapping witch on!!


Watch the Halloween Animated Witch Prop in action below:

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