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Do you love travelling and staying in a plenty of hotels and AirBnBs? Then I’m sure that you have worried about hidden cameras in certain moments. Nowadays our privacy is under attack because there are tiny hidden cameras watching and recording us everywhere. These tiny cameras are found in places you didn’t think possible. The SpyFinder pro is a hand held device that instantly uncovering all the hidden camera lenses which are spying on you.

spy hidden camera detector

They are portable and easy to use. So you can take them with you wherever you go. Just look through the viewfinder while pushing the button on top. That button will activate the six super-bright LED strobe lights. These unique red lights are particularly designed to bounce off of the reflective surfaces which all camera lenses have. Size doesn’t matter for those lights. They identify even a very small camera that hard to find with normal human eyes.

Spying Prevention

There are two different LED intensity modes that gives you better control. The high variant is best for huge rooms and open office. And the lower variant is best foe smaller rooms like bathrooms and dressing rooms. All you have to do is just make a slow sweeping motion while watching into the viewfinder. Then scan the room by looking at all objects until you satisfied with the room is clean.


This hidden camera detector device easily finds and spy camera even it’s turned off. That will clearly shows the camera lens blinking back to you up to 45 feet away. They get power from the 2 AAA replaceable batteries. In some cases they hide the cameras in fans, clocks, smoke detectors. But this device clearly identify them with simple motion of action. Finally you can protect your privacy in a smart way. Check this on 

Watch the Hidden Camera Detector in action down below:

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