Knee Blades | Flooring Knee Pads With Wheels

Knee Blades are the unique flooring knee pads, which is comes with wheels on it. And makes you more flexible to complete your job quickly. They are designed to protect your knees while giving you better mobility. The Knee Blades provides 360 degree turning abilities. These knee pads perfect for flooring works or household cleaning. Kneel down and get back up again over and over will harm to your knees, and that may leads to a knee pain. But knee pads with wheels avoid these process and protect your knees.

construction knee pads

The knee blades provide comfortable and stable support with the ability to roll across the work area with ease. With the comfortable fitting contour the knee blades evenly displace weight and reduce the pressure on the knees. The three wheeled mobile base allows for a 360 degrees of turning capability. This knee pads with wheels have a total capacity of 480 pounds. The knee pad casters roll easily over most work surfaces. The Knee Blades comes with the tapered gel pad with a durable plastic outer shell and a built-in Velcro strap.

flooring knee pads

You can remove or attach the knee blades from knee pads with the push of a button. Simply strap the gel pads on your knees, snap on the base and you are ready to work. This rolling knee pads not only make it comfortable to work on your knees, but make the work fun. And you can get your job done faster than just being on your hands and knees. The non-marking wheels are perfect for working on tile, wood or any surface. Stop getting up and down to do your work, when you can glide!

knee pads with wheels

Have ever wanted to effortlessly move around the floor while doing those hard back-breaking jobs? Then these Knee pads must be the perfect solution you are looking for. If you work on your knees laying carpet, installing tile, cleaning floors, staining, nailing, decking and even car detailing, knee blades makes your job easier then ever. Check the KneeBlades on!

Watch Knee Blades in action down below:

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