Leaf Blower Attachment That Combines Sweeping And Collecting Debris

Lawnch- It

Now you can convert any handheld leaf blower into a debris collector. Meet Lawnch-It, a unique bag-shaped leaf blower attachment that perfectly fits on almost any kind of standard leaf blower even with battery, corded, and gas-powered. Instead of just pushing this debris a short distance, the Lawnch-It attachment allows you to collect the debris at the same time.

So it will combine two different tasks into a single one. As a result, you will save your valuable time and reduce the physical work. Moreover, the elderly and people with mobility issues could also clean their gardens without other’s help.

No-more Bending and Stooping To Clean Your Lawn

By using this bag attachment you can collect any kind of debris such as nuts, branches, acorns, pinecones, stones, fruit, rocks, and even animal excrement. This compact & lightweight leaf blower attachment features a polyester mesh bag. It positioned straight opposit of the air nozzle.

So it won’t miss any debris which is deflected by the blower. However, the mesh bag with a protective coating lets the air pass through it. So it’s very easy to operate and change the direction while collecting the debris. Lawnch-It attaches to the blower tube with universal elastomer straps and a galvanized steel frame.

Above all, the bag opening measures 10” W x 4” D x 16” L which is fair enough to collect larget debris like pinecones. And it weighs only Weight 1.8 lbs. Finally, this sweeper and debris collector combo will make the job of groundskeepers easier than ever before. Check the Lawnch-It on Amazon.com!

Watch the Lawnch-It in action

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