Crua Modus | Multipurpose Camping Tent System Had Everything You Need For An Outdoor Adventure

When you think about camping, tents are the first thing that comes in your mind. But tents can be used only as a sleeping space, and it occupies tons of storage space from your backpack. luckily the Irish company called ‘Crua Outdoors’ have designed this multifunctional camping tent system ‘Crua Modus’. It’s uniquely designed to cover your each and every camping spot activities. Such as morning coffee with book, afternoon nap, evening hangout and a deep & peaceful sleep.

Multipurpose Camping Tent System

Multifunctional Camping Tent System Had Everything You Need For An Outdoor Adventure

The ‘Crua Modus’ is a 6-in-1 multi-purpose tent. It comes with a normal tent, self-inflating mattress, integrated quilt, porch, hammock, bug mesh, air pole, reflective flysheet and a picnic blanket. unlike other traditional tents, it’s very simple to setup. All you have to do is, simply inflate the mattress and poles and zip-on the quilt to fix the mattress in place. And cover the whole tent with the reflective flysheet to protect yourself from hard weather conditions. The flysheet keeps you warm in clod weather and cool in summer.

Camping Tent System

The waterproof air mattress and the bug mesh completely protects you from deadly crawlies. If you want to take a quick nap after roaming around the woods. Then simply convert the flysheet into a hammock. Use the porch poles as spreader bars on the hammock to get maximum comfort. And you can unzip the quilt and use it as a warm and dry picnic blanket. The flysheet and poles can be combined to create a porch to protect yourself from rain. Finally, you can able to create an outdoor lounge space by connecting the porches of two different tents. Check the Crua Modus on!

Crua Modus

Watch the multipurpose tent in action down below

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