This Teardrop Camping Trailer Inspired By Scandinavian | Droplet

This unique teardrop camping trailer was designed for those that who wants to spend their maximum amount of time in the outdoor without compromising their comfort.  It was created by the Canad based company called ‘Droplet’. It features a queen size bed, dual-stove burner, sink and a compact fridge, You can also get the renewable energy with the 100W solar panel which can stand by it’s own. This trailer also features a two EcoFlow River 410W/h power station for an endless power supply.

Droplet | Teardrop Camping Trailer:

Teardrop Camping Trailer

Not only as a sleeping space, it’s decent amount of overhead space allows you to sit straight and spend some time to read books with a cup of coffee. You will have a storage space under the bed with two cabinets and two shelves to keep your cloths organized. It’s half dome front window and the side windows on the each wide opening doors provides tons of natural light into the cabin. Those sliding windows and the skylight/hatch on the roof helps you to maintain the proper air flow.

Teardrop camper

This trailer made of the high tech pressed laminate of aluminium, wood and foam. So its extremely light in weight and more durable for any kind of road trips. The acrylic kitchen area of this trailer places on the tailgate. It features sleek prepping and cooking surface, pull-out drawer, LED lamps and a sink with hand-pump operated water system. Finally, the removable battery pack and water tanks makes camping lovable for everyone. Check the Droplet trailer on!


Watch the Teardrop camper in action down below:

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