My Pocket Master | Best Mini Multi Tool That Actually Works

This titanium mini multi tool is called My PocketMaster. The smallest design of this everyday carry tools can easily fits in your pocket. And the pocketmaster have many practical features than any-other traditional tools. Unlike other bulky multi tools, you can easily carry around this multi tool wherever you go. It’s coin like shape also fits into your wallet for an easy access. This tool can be used for your everyday habits and the perfect replacement for other bulky tools.

Mini Multi Tool:

My Pocket Master Mini Multi Tool

The My pocket master mini multi-tool was made from the grade 5 highest strength Titanium. So, it’s a corrosion resistance, lightweight, durable, and non-toxic tool. It’s innovative design makes it simple and highly functional multi tool that can change the way you do things. You can use this multi-tool as a screwdriver, can opener, 1/4″ drive bit holder, 1/4″ hex wrench, seal opener, tag popper, box opener, canister lid popper, bottle opener, cuticle pusher, pill splitter, coupon clipper, line cutter and scratcher.

My Pocket Master Is a Tiny Multi-Tool That Does It All

This tiny multi tool measures 0,08 inch thick and just 1.2 inches across. And the weight of this tool is just 4 grams. So it allows you to keep in your wallet, backpack, in your pocket, bag, or simplt attach them to your key-chain. It’s semi-sharp blade is sharp enough to cut a paper and safe to touch. It won’t cut your skin, so even kids can easily handle this tool. Finally, this strong, lightweight multipurpose tool will makes your every day tasks easy. Check the mini titanium multi tool on!

Watch the My Pocket Master Mini Multi Tool in action down below:

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