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Dogs are made for hunting by their nature. So they have to swallow as much food as possible before anyone else steal it. Eating quickly is a survival technique to protect their food from other dogs. But in most cases eating too fast can lead to a bloating problem. Because your dog can swallow excess of air while it eat faster. Using the slow feeder dog bowl or puzzle feeder will helps you to slow down your dog’s eating speed. And increases the chewing time.

neater slow feeder

The Neater Slow Feeder is designed to portion your pet’s meal in to 25 small individual servings. This slow feeder dog bowl ultimately slow down the eating process and reduces gulping and bloating. It have three inches of space between each cups, so it allows the flat faced dogs eat easily. The ergonomically design of the bowl is safe for your dogs gums and mouths. And providing plenty of room for your dog to eat comfortably and slowly.

neater feeder medium

Use the steady removable base to elevate feeding height to 5 inches. Is your dog id too tall? then you can add additional height by adding snap-on leg extension into the base, and get up to 7.5 inch feeding height. They are super steady and comes with the non-tip and non-slide capabilities. You can even use the slow feeder bowl’s base as a giant water bowl with a capacity of 160 ounces. So your pet will stay hydrated all day.

slow eating dog bowl

As a dog owner you must care for your dog’s eating habits. Because eating too fast can also cause gastrointestinal distress or vomiting. By using the slow feeder dog bowl or puzzle feeder you can avoid your dog getting bored easily. Finally there is a solution for slow down your dog’s eating while also giving a challenge task to their mind. Check the Neater Pets slow feeder bowl on!

Watch the Neater Slow Feeder in action:

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