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This most powerful, multi-functional, portable vacuum sealer for clothes & food is called the ‘Atmos’. It’s comfortable and easy to hold design is perfect for people who love traveling, camping, RV life, sports and healthy diets. You can use this Atmos vacuum pump to compress your clothes bag or food storage bag to save your time and double your space. It helps you to increase the space in your backpack, suitcase, bags when packing for traveling. Unlike other traditional manual pumps, it’s portable design easily fits in your hand.

Best Portable Vacuum Sealer For Clothes & Food:

Atmos Vacuum Pump

So no-more using physical force, your breathe and your energy to inflate or deflate anything again. Not only for compression, you can also use this powerful device to inflate flat sport balls including football, basketball, volley ball, rugby ball, soccer ball and more. The Atmos comes with 4 standard inflation pins to getting some air into different kind of balls and tires. It also perfectly fits with the pressure gauge to track the pressure. So if you are a sport lover, then this device is ideal for you to carry around whenever you need to check the ball pressure.

Portable Vacuum Sealer For Clothes & Food

This portable vacuum sealer can easily compress the freeze bag or food bag to keep the food fresh. So you can store you favorite food for a longer time without poisoning. The ‘Atmos’ comes with a  storage bag whick can be also used as a pillow bag. All you have to do is, simply inflate the storage bay by blow the air in. So you can bring this inflatable air pillow with you on any trip. It uses the 1000 mAh lithium battery. That allows the device to pump continuously up to 60 minutes. That is an enough time to inflate 25 basketballs or deflate 8 vacuum bags.  Check the Atmos pump on!

Watch the Atmos Vacuum Pump in action down below:

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