This Pregnancy Car Seat Belt Protects Your Unborn Child | ZUWIT Bump Belt

This pregnancy car seat belt adjuster makes the belt in a car sit across the thighs instead of over the belly. So pregnant passengers are therefore more comfortable and safer. Meet the ‘ZUWIT’ bump belt adjuster. It is very easy to install and practical. If your car get in an accident, this bump bent adjuster absorb the pressure off of your stomach and transfer it to your thighs. So no-more worrying about seat belt that push into your stomach and crushing your unborn child.

Pregnancy Car Seat Belt Adjuster:

Pregnancy Car Seat Belt

It’s very easy and simple to install. All you have to do is, simply place the Bump Belt in the middle on the seat cushion and secure it with the straps. Even a easy every day task will be a difficult one when you’re pregnant. But the unique design of this Bump Belt allows you to easily get in and out of the car. Once you done, it won’t affect your comfort and it feels like wearing an ordinary seat belt. The Bump belt perfectly fits on almost any kind of standard car seats. And suitable for all sizes and shapes of people.

ZUWIT Bump Belt

There is no weight limit for this seat belt adjuster. So it can easily withstand any hard impact or external force. Not only for pregnant women, this seat belt gadget also works for the person who had an abdominal surgery before. And it allows pregnant women to drive the car by their own to the hospital in emergency situation. Finally, this car seat belt adjuster allows the pregnant people to take a peaceful nap on the go. Check the ZUWIT bump belt on!

Watch the Seat Belt Adjuster in action down below:

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