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Yes, this motorized ride on smart luggage can literally take you places. This self following suitcase is called the ‘NAUCRATES’. It can easily carry an up to 120 kg person as far as 4.3 miles (7 km). You can easily control the rideable luggage with the intuitive joystick. And there is tons of interior space is available for your belongings. If you don’t want to ride your suitcase, then you can use the removable TSA approved battery as a power bank and charge your smart devices on the go. The battery comes with a single cable with three outputs, Apple lightning, USB c and micro USB.

Best Ride On Smart Luggage:

Self Following Suitcase | NAUCRATES

The empty NAUCRATES with batter only weights 5.5 kgs. So you can load more stuffs to reach the carry-on bag’s weight Limit of the most airlines. If you love  love travelling and visiting new places, then it’s perfect for you. This NAUCRATES is extremely strong enough to lets you ride on it, follows you on its own, avoids obstacles, and has a fingerprint sensor system with a unique lock. So no-more walking between the gates of busy airports and crowded train stations. It allows you to ride-on with the maximum speed of  4.3 mph.

Ride On Smart Luggage

With the single charge the smart suitcase can travels up to 4.3 miles in ride-on mode and 6.2 miles in self-following mode. It’s built-in ultrasonic sensors can detect its environment and movement of the objects. Then it automatically steer on a safe path to avoid collision. The durable and shock absorbing wheels provides a smooth ride. It also features a built-in fingerprint scanner and a lock system to secure your valuables. It’s unique intelligent alert system warns you when you’re more than 10 meters away from the luggage. Finally, you can easily track your suitcase from anywhere in the planet with the help of GPS tracking system and the smartphone app. Check the NAUCRATES smart suitcase on!


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