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Now a days printers are getting more smarter and even more smaller. Meet the smallest and portable color printer ‘PrinCube’. Unlike other bulky printers which can only print on paper, this compact printing device can print almost any kid of materials ans surfaces. This handheld smartphone operated printer can print your objects, texts or logos on the go. It works perfectly on metal, paper, textiles, wood, plastics, leather, and your Christmas gift warp. This little inkjet printer can able to survive and print smoothly on rough, curved and uneven surfaces.

Smallest Portable Color Printer:

Smallest Portable Color Printer

The ergonomic design of this printer measures 72x51x68mm and weights only 160g with ink cartridge. So ‘PrinCube’ may be the smallest color printer yet. This printer can print up to 6 hours and 415 pages of A4 paper with a single charge. That makes the printer itself as a best handy device for businesses. It’s easy to use mechanism allows anyone to operate the device. It comes with the USB Type-C port for chancing and a single button to control the printing operations.


So you don’t have to handle and complex functions to operate the printer. All you have to do is, simply connect your smartphone or laptop with PrinCube via wifi. And scan the QR code at the bottom of the device to install the app. Then upload your customized pattern or texts that you want to print. Finally, gently click the start button and swipe the device on the surface to visualize your creativity. I believe that, this device will very helpful for me to label the gift warps in style on this holiday season. Check the PrinCube on!

PrinCube: The World's Smallest Portable Printer

Watch the Smartphone printer PrinCube in action down below:

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    Where can I buy this? What is the price also?

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