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This interesting space saving furniture can transforms into a bunk bed. These fantastic sofa to bunk bed furniture was created by the Finland based company called ‘Luonto Elevate’. It particularly designed to host more people in tight spaces. The bottom of the ‘Elevate bunk bed sofa sleeper’ lifts up to reveal two mattresses. It also comes with a ladder, guardrails, and a lock for a safety and stability. Not only sofa bunk bed, this company also makes multi functional sleepers that turns a couch into a queen bed.

Sofa To Bunk Bed:

Sofa That Turns Into a Bunk Bed

These convertible furniture systems provides multiple different furniture, while only occupying enough space for one. This ultimate design concept is perfect for small homes, apartments and a busy New York city life. It requires a small amount of physical work to convert from sofa to bunk bed and back again to sofa. The couch that turns into a bunk bed is available in hundreds of unique materials and colors to customize.

Sofa To Bunk Bed

While in sofa mode this furniture measures 40 inches wide x 34 inches tall and 90 inches long. And in comfortable bunk bed mode, it measures 60 inches wide and 59 inches tall. It have a lock to strongly stay on the current position whether it in sofa mode or in bunk bed mode. So it’s completely child proof and won’t change it’s position without an adult present. The transformation process doesn’t require any tools.

bunk bed converting sofa sleeper

The bunk bed converting sofa sleeper made from the solid spruce wood with strong finger joints. It comes with the fully padded exterior sides and back. The in-built straps that keeps the bedding in place and a zipper compartment to hold pillows in place while it transform. Finally, this bunk bed sofa is an ultimate solution for the small room space problems. Check the Luonto Elevate Bunk Bed Sofa Sleeper here!

Watch the Sofa To Bunk Bed in action:

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