Boa Strap Wrench | How to Use a Strap Wrench

Did you ever feel that many closures and containers are often difficult to open or close. Now boa strap wrench will be the ultimate solution for that problem. The synthetic rubber strap adjusts to different sized items like jars, sink, glass bottles, hose coupling, and also a glued nail polish bottle. It’s grips perfectly smooth metals, so you can apply force without broke them. This Boa Strap Wrench fits objects up to 4 inches in diameter.

Boa Strap Wrench

This strap wrench can easily opens and shuts everything that screws. Lets the non-slip rubber ring have unbeatable grip once around an object. Everyone can able to place this tool and use minimum force to open. The Boa strap wrench adapts any kind of shapes and surfaces. It doesn’t make any scratches on the material. You can easily operate this tool and It’s portable to carry around.

How to Use a Strap Wrench

Now every one in your family can unscrew a shower head for cleaning without using any hard metal tools. It fits perfectly up to diameter of 100 millimeter long. The ergonomic handle made from the carbon fiber reinforced material and it’s connected with the special rubber strap. This rubber strap is having the extreme stretchable qualities. It can easily loosen and close lids and filters. Even you can fix the leaking drainpipe instead of waiting for plumber.

rubber strap wrench

The massive advantage of this strap wrench is they can loosen or tighten any round object that wouldn’t fit in your hand. The hard and length-adjustable synthetic rubber strap wraps cozily around the bottle lid. The Boa Strap Wrench must be the single solution for any of your household and gardening repair. They are available in different colors. Finally it’s not only Wrench bottle lids it’s wrenching our heart! Check it out!

Watch the Boa Strap Wrench in action down below:

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