Trailer Hitch Hammock | Set Up A Camping Hammock Without Tree

Now you can enjoy the chill of a hammock virtually anywhere by using this trailer hitch hammock. This camping hammock hitch stand was created by the company called Hammaka. You can set it up without the perfect two trees on poles. You can hang two chairs securely on your vehicle’s 5 cm hitch receiver. And also it have a parachute hammock hanging option for full relax mode. So the hammock experience can be enjoyed anywhere your imagination or your vehicle takes you.

Set Up A Camping Hammock Without Tree

The innovative design allows you to set up the hammock in less then 10 minutes. All you have to do is, simply fix the stand on your car’s hitch receiver. Then clip your chair of choice onto the stand. That’s it, just climb in and enjoy with the friend. It’s also perfect for tailgates, camping, or fishing. The stand can holds up to 600 lb of weight. While in parachute hammock mode it can handle up to 300 lb Weight.

portable hammock

This trailer hitch hammock and the stands are made from the heavy duty powder coated steel. The hitch hammock chair set comes with a 2 arm supports and footrest that hang with each chair. The hanging chairs are made from the rugged fabric. And you can easily install them by simply plugging it into your existing trailer hitch. They are available in multiple colors. The easy 5 piece assembly system will fit with all standard 2″ receivers. Finally here is a simple and effective solution for relaxing while on a road trip with the family. Check the Hammaka Trailer Hitch Stand with Chairs on!

Watch the Trailer Hitch Hammock in action down below:

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