Vintage Typewriter Mechanical Keyboard | Qwerkywriter

This mechanical keyboard inspired by the vintage typewriter. It’s called the ‘Qwerkywriter’ and it looks exactly like our old school typewriter. This retro keyboard can connect to any device using Bluetooth or you can simply connect them via a USB port. The keyboard is completely mechanical and uses 84 switches to type. And those keys gives ‘clicking’ sound when you press. So that unique sound make you feels like, you are using a real classic typewriter.

Vintage Typewriter Mechanical Keyboard:

Vintage Typewriter Mechanical Keyboard

The Qwerkywriter also comes with a return bar just like a real typewriter. It’s scroll wheels on either side can be turned, that changes the volume and scrolls down pages. It can perfectly works with your desktop computer, laptop, smartphones or even a tablet or iPad. This wireless digital typewriter particularly designed to look and click like an exact old style typewriter. It comes with a rechargeable battery, So you can simply use the power plug to recharge the vintage lifestyle every day.


The structure of this keyboard made with an aluminium and have a layer of scratch resistant coating. It’s built-in stand allows you to attach your smartphone or tablet on the go. You can connect this mobile keyboard via Bluetooth. The typewriter mechanical keyboard comes in few different colors to choose from. It measures 15.5 inches in length, 9.25 inches in width and 3.5 inches in height. And it weights only 3.3 lbs.

Typewriter Mechanical Keyboard

This typewriter inspired keyboard must be the perfect gift idea for retro and vintage design lovers, unique gadgets lovers, keyboard collectors or even for your old school family member. It will reminds their adorable old school typewriters which gives a clickity-clackity sound while typing. Finally, this qwerkywriter will comfortable fits tablets up to 12 inches wide. Check the qwerkywriter on!

Watch the Typewriter Mechanical Keyboard in action down below:

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