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Now you can stay safe during the storm with this underground storm shelters. This storm shelter will fit perfectly under your garage. So you don’t have to come out of your home to find an outdoor shelter. Ant it also a dangerous while it storm outside. The US based company called ‘Rethink Storm Shelters’ create this storm-proof shelters. They have designed to be safe to access than outdoor shelters. One of the interesting factor of this shelter is, It can withstand F5 tornadoes. The company makes models for 8-10 people. Installation process is very easy and you can completely finish the installation within one day.

Rethink Storm Shelters

You don’t have to move your car out of the garage in order to access your storm shelter. Instead of moving your vehicle you can park your vehicle with 2 feet space. That gives enough space to open the shelter’s door. The installation process is very safe and it won’t hurt your home foundation. First of all they measure and mark the place. Then cut the shelter sized hole in the garage floor with a concrete wet saw. Finally the concrete slab portion carefully removed. This process minimizing any disturbance on other objects in your garage.

Underground Storm Shelters

This underground storm shelter system surpass FEMA’s requirements for ventilation. The hole in both the front and back lid allows the natural airflow in to the shelter. Every rethink storm shelters comes with the battery operated electric fan and light. The fan take place directly under the air vent of the back lid. It draws the fresh air from outside and flows it all through the safety shelter.

garage Storm Shelters

These garage storm shelters comes with the ball-baring slide doors. Unlike other shelters, you don’t have to lifting the doors against debris. Just slide and open even if the house falls on the top. In the event that the house were to crumple the vehicle shields any flotsam and jetsam from wedging the entryway. You can also have extra safety with the hydraulic jack escape tool. That will lift up to 8 tons of debris. Check the Rethink Storm Shelters here!

Watch the Underground Storm Shelters in action down below:

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