This Modern Electric bike Looks Like Retro Moped | Juiced SCORPION

This fat-tired modern electric bikes looks like a 1970s retro mopeds. The moped style electric bike is called the ‘Scorpion’ by San Diego-based company ‘Juiced Bikes’. It’s traditional and cool looking design turns everyone’s head on the street. Unlike other e bikes, it will provide a silky smooth ride because of it’s both front and back suspension systems. Surprisingly the Scorpion has a shimano 7-speed transmission. So you can easily paddle up hills without satisfying the high speed.

Moped Style Electric bike:

The Scorpion bike available in two different versions. The basic version comes with a 750-watt motor, 52V battery and it can travel up to 45 miles on a single charge. And the Hyper Scorpion modes comes with a 52V (19.2Ah) battery, 1,000 watts motor. So it can comfortably travels up to 75 miles on a single charge. Both models have the same pack rack, disc brakes on both front and back wheels, motorcycle style LED headlamp, comfortable moped seat, matrix LCD display and mudguards.

It’s twist throttle system allows you to reach the maximum speed of 20 mph and 30+ mph in off road mode. The scorpion comes in two different colors to choose from such as blue and black. You can also get an extra brushed aluminium color in the hyper scorpion version. This moped style e-bike is perfect for riding stylishly and effortlessly on both street and off-road. Finally, this moped style e-bike with bulky tires makes you look and feel like a modern biker. Check the Juiced SCORPION on!

Watch the Modern Electric Retro Bike in action:

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