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You don’t have to be a fire fighter to carry some carabiners with you while camping. They are very useful to organize your things or hang them securely while not in use. But some of the carabiners can do more then you we expect. Meet the ‘Fire Escape’ carabiner multi tool. It unique design extremely helps you under rescue situations. This first-responders inspired multi-tool can be used as a fire starter, car window smasher, seat-belt cutter, bottle opener and also a oxygen tank opener.

Carabiner Multi Tool as a Survival Fire Starter:

Carabiner Multi Tool

The ‘Fire Escape’ was invented by Colorado based company called Outdoor Element. It’s creative mechanism to create spark without liquid fuel is depends on the metal wheel. When the wheel have been rolled, it scrapes up against a spring loaded iron rod (ferro rod). which is places inside the body and generates a spark. The ferro rod is easily replaceable and water-resistant. So you can keep on sparking in any kind of bad weather conditions. This multi functional carabiner weighs only 1.7 oz. But it can easily holds up to 100 lbs of weight.

Fire Escape

It’s uses the high strength stainless steel with titanium-coating as a core material and connects with a wiregate. Unlike other multi tools, it have an oxygen tank-opening wrench. So you can help a firefighter to open a O2 tank when emergency situation. It also has tungsten carbide-tipped window breaker. And it’s replaceable steel cutting blade allows you to cut seat-belts, rape and even a fishing line. For our safety, the blade was secure by the rubber cap while not in use. Check the Fire Escape tool on!

Watch the Titanium survival tool in action down below:

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