Dog Washing Ring For Easy Dog Bath | Woof Washer 360

Give your dog a deep clean wash with a ‘Woof Washer 360’. This amazing dog washing ring easily cleans your dog in less then one minute. All you have to do is, simply attach this dog bathing device to your hose and fill it with your favorite pet shampoo. Then adjust the ring to the size of your dog and slip the hoop on your dog and slide to wash. It has two types of operations like rinse mode and another one is a suds mode.

Dog Washing Ring For Easy dog bath:

Dog Washing Ring

In the suds mode this device mixes shampoo and water for you to create a sudsy solution. So it can scrubs rover clean from head to toe. It’s uniquely designed 360 ring of a water jets gently spray your dog for a deep clean. Unlike other ordinary rush sprays, this dog bath ring won’t scare your dog. And it’s gentle spray feels like a soothing massage for your lovable pet. So your dogs will stay calm until you finish.

Circular Dog Shower

The Woof Washer 360 can works perfectly with any kind of pet shampoo. And it also can wash the hard to reach areas easily. It’s ideal spray easily washes behind your dog’s ears, back, underbelly and even tail. It’s light weight design is easy to use and operate. So anyone can use it to clean their furry friend. It’s available in two different sized for small and large dog breads. Finally, this device makes giving your dog a bath is lot more easier then ever. Check the Woof Washer 360 on!

Watch the Dog Washing Ring For Easy dog bath in action:

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