Best Edge Painting Tool | Roll-All Dual Paint Roller

In most cases paint rollers are not good for paint a poll, piping, fence, or parts of deck. But this roller designed specially for round painting jobs. This edge painting tool is called the ‘Roll-All’. It can fit standard rollers from 2″ to 4″. The roll-all is ideal for railings, corners, tubes, and more. This paint roller comes with two mini rollers in perpendicular position. So that help you to paint large areas on rounded or squared-off poles.

best paint roller for corners

This paint roller will save plenty of time on your painting work. This handy double paint roller is perfect for painting spindles, piping, fencing, tubing, stair railing and more. And it’s time to get rid-off the large, over-sized, messy ordinary paint rollers to paint odd-shaped objects. You have to load the two paint rollers separately with paint tray. The paint rollers are attached in perfect 90 degree angle.

Paint Fencing, Poles, and Corner

So it ultimately covers the multiple sides of the square pole at the same time. You can add the extendable paint pole into the back of the handle to reach the higher place. Or you can use the in-built handle for normal height. By using the ‘roll-all’ everyone can easily paint the ceiling corner without any mess. Check this on

Watch the Roll-All Dual Paint Roller in action:

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