Spikes Spider | Clip-On Tire Spikes For Snow

These are clip-on tire spikes. Spikes Spider makes a variety of snap-on tire chains. They are designed to be easier to install than traditional chains. While still giving you better traction on snow an ice. All you have to do is simply remove the hub cover and in a few seconds spikes spider compact is pushed on the tire and bolted for the safe and comfortable trip. The steel huts were installed on the two drive wheels. And be prepared before the winter season.

Spikes Spider

Simply remove the decorative cover of the wheel with the box and wrench which is included in the Spikes Spider package. And push the traction device on to the drive wheel, centered on the steel hub which is previously installed. Keep them secure in place with the locking ring. These steps only takes thirty seconds per wheel to complete. The traction elements wraps the upside portion of the tire. And it has a tungsten studs for the better grip on the snow.

snow chain alternatives

The traction arms traction arms are made from the wear resistant polymer materials with tungsten carbide studded for better ride on snow. The Switzerland based company called Spikes Spider invented this snow tire spikes. This device perfectly fits on utility vehicles, passenger vehicles, SUVs, sports cars, and pickup trucks. They comes with the special hardware tools for easy installation. The hole package comes in a carrying case for easy accessibility.

snap on tire chains

These traction elements takes less than a minute for install on both wheels. Also it allows you to go maximum speed of 30mph. The Spikes-Spiders was designed to adapt with your vehicle’s suspension, steering systems and ABS braking. So it won’t affect your driving capabilities. Finally here is a simple and quick alternative for tire chains. Check the Spikes-Spider on Amazon.com!

Watch the Spikes Spider in action down below:

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