ZKTeco | Parking Spot Saver | Remote Control Parking Lock System

Saving your parking spot is a challenging one while rush-hours. But this parking spot saver device will help you to save your spot. This remote control parking lock system was created by ZKTeco. You can install it directly into the pavement. It pops up in six seconds to prevent people from taking your parking spot. And it comes with an alarm to warn unknowing drivers. The complete waterproof design perfectly works on rainy days. This Parking spot saver also can withstand 3 tons of pressure, so you can drive over it.

Parking Spot Saver

It will very useful for industrial parks, residential, hotels, airports, corporate buildings, and other parking management. The ZKTeco parking spot saver made from the SPCC steel. And you can mount the device securely on the ground with three screws. It weights up to 8KG. You can easily control the parking lock system from 20m distance with the help of wireless remote controller. The barrier will rise and fall in less then 6 seconds.

ZKTeco Solid Steel Remote Control Parking Lock

This private parking manager gets power from the alkaline dry battery (D x 4). The 180 degree rotatable anti-collision alarm system indicate the parking spot availability for other vehicles. The environmental friendly built-in alarm system won’t make extra noise. And it automatically turn on and off if someone’s vehicle engage the barrier arm. Finally there is a solution for stressful car parking.  Check the ZKTeco parking lock system on Amazon.com!

Watch the Parking Spot Saver in action down below:

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